Power Bank Portable Charger

The 5600mAh Power Bank is a small, lightweight, high capacity portable charger that offers up to

5 full charges for your
hand-held device!

When you're on the go, simply take this compact gadget along with you to ensure you're never left without a charge on any of your USB chargeable devices.

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Mini Power Bank


Recharge your hand-held devices. Any time. Any place. 

The constant risk of a low battery warning is always a worry for gadget lovers. Don't risk getting stuck with a dead battery. Tech-Gadgets' Power Bank Portable Charger is the ideal gadget for business commutes, airport travel, or a long day on campus.

No need to sit in your car or leave your phone on the counter. Recharge while you use your phone! 

Take this compact charger along in your backpack, briefcase, pocket, or purse, and you'll never have to worry about any of your mobile devices losing their charge. Equipped with 6 different types of adapters, this extra high capacity portable charger can be used to charge your iPad, iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry, Smartphone, MP3 Player, MP4 Player, PSP, GPS, or Tablet for up to 7 hours.


  • 4 LED lights to indicate the remaining power supply
  • Built-in LED flashlight (press the power button twice) that can run for 250 hours on a full charge
  • Small and convenient with rounded corners to fit comfortably in your pocket or purse
  • Compatible with all versions of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
  • High capacity battery, High efficiency output
  • Small and convenient size to fit comfortably in your pocket or purse
  • Suitable for iPhone, PSP, mp3 player, GPS, and similar devices
  • Intelligent MCU controller, monitoring various operating status
  • Over current and short circuit protection
  • Long battery lifespan, more than 300~500 times recharge cycles
  • Auto power off makes sure you don't waste battery energy
  • Standard USB connection

Power Bank charging BlackBerry

Power Bank in hand


Smartphones, tablets, and other hand-held devices are becoming an increasingly integral part of people's daily lives. BUT -- even with advances in battery technology, it's tough for the average user to make it through the day without their device running out of battery.

Fixed with an ultra reliable and rechargeable lithium ion battery, the Power Bank can provide over a week of battery boosts for your device (with normal use). When your Power Bank runs out of charges, simply recharge it using the microUSB-USB cable provided and then you're ready to take it on the go again! You'll never want to leave the house without it.


Tech-Gadgets' Power Bank Portable Charger packs high capacity power into a surprisingly small size. With dimensions of only 3.7x1.7x0.87 inches, you can take the Power Bank with you wherever you go. Small enough to fit into your pocket, Power Bank conveniently provides you with power any time, any place.

Don't get left in the dark -- always know how much power is remaining on your Power Bank. Four blue LED lights on the top of the device indicate the charge level remaining: 1 light = 25%, 2 lights = 50%, 3 lights = 75%, and 4 lights = 100%.

Power Bank Flashlight


With 6 different types of power adapters included in the box, the Power Bank has one of the highest compatibility rates of portable chargers on the market. Unlike most other portable chargers, you won't have to go around your house searching for old cables. Since everything is already included in the box, the Power Bank Portable Charger gives you exactly what you need to recharge all of your hand-held devices. Of course you can also use your device's original USB cable if you choose.


  • Product Dimensions: 95x43x23mm (3.7x1.7x0.87 inches)
  • Net Weight: 116g
  • Charging speed: 1000mAh/hour
  • Input charging time: 5-6 hours
  • Input: DC 5V/0.8A
  • Output: DC 5.3V/1.0A
  • Life cycle: Over 500 charges


Power Bank iPhone/iPad/iPod Adapter DC3.5 70cm Transfer Cable
1 x Power Bank 1 x iPhone/iPad/iPod Adapter 1 x DC3.5 30cm Transfer Cable
PSP Adapter Nokia DC2.0 Adapter Micro 5Pin Adapter
1 x PSP Adapter 1 x Nokia DC2.0 Adapter 1 x Micro USB 5Pin Blackberry Adapter
Mini 5Pin Adapter Samsung S20Pin Adapter User Guide
1 x Mini USB 5Pin Blackberry Adapter 1 x SAMSUNG S20Pin Adapter 1 x User Guide

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Picture of Power Bank Portable Charger Model 5600 - Black
Power Bank Portable Charger Model 5600 - Black
5600 mAh Extra High Capacity
SKU: 5600
Picture of Power Bank Portable Charger Model 5600-WH - White
Power Bank Portable Charger Model 5600-WH - White
5600mAh Extra High Capacity
SKU: 5600-WH
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